Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Gonna Be a Star!

Today we "wrapped" (that's movie talk, for you non-film folks out there) shooting for the commercial PSA our friends volunteered to create for after homelessness...

Shyam Wazir, who was part of the workshop for Headlines' 2005 production Here and Now came in one blustery Fall day a couple of weeks back and said he wanted to volunteer his services. Shyam has been working in film and offered to produce a PSA (that's public service announcement) for the show.

We told him we had no budget, but he assured us he would be able to gather a small crew and make it happen. In two weeks.

Of course we said YES.
He and JB, a veteran of TV and film production, got the crew together, got the story ready, gathered equipment and found actors for the shoot.

Yesterday and today they shot it.

The filming began at my Aunt and Uncle's house (thanks Aunt Polly and Uncle Mike and especially to Bing!) in the afternoon and moved over to the Russian Hall in the evening, where the cast have been rehearsing. **Don't worry, we did not interrupt.

We had the crew and a bunch of extras to create a theatre scene and it looked GREAT. If you look closely at the finished product, you'll get to see your truly in her first starring an extra. Yep, that's right, I felt the power and prestige that comes with being on camera and I WANT MORE.

Today we moved the shoot to the Stanley Hotel in the Downtown Eastside and the Firehall Arts Centre, where the play will open on November 21st.

Both locations went well, and this weekend will be cutting and editing. I have also been pegged to be the voice for the commercial. Seriously, I am so going to break into Hollywood.

Thanks to everyone that helped out:
The film crew: Shyam, JB, Gord, Alain and Darren
The actors: Lucia, Ron and little Sierra
My Aunt Polly, Uncle Mike and Bing for use of their home
The Stanley Hotel: Mariner, Daniel, and James for his room
The Firehall for letting us shoot their exterior
All the lovely extras we had for the theatre scene!

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